Dyscalculia: A Specific Mathematics Disability

Have you ever wondered why some students excel in math and others struggle? Disabilities in math are often missed in the early years because students are learning many basic skills through memorization.  This misdiagnose can affect a continue on into high school with a parent ever knowing.  Read more about Dyscalculia: Understood: Math Disability, and Understood: Dyscalculia Sources.

Have questions about this or other learning disabilities?  Need help preparing for your student's IEP or 504 case confrerence?  contact IN*SOURCE a Non-profit Special Education Parent Support Organization, Etta Moran, Regional Prog. Specialist via 800.332.4433. Etta Moran works with families in a number of school districts including IPS and Washington Township.

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The FDA is calling teen vaping an 'epidemic' and taking steps to limit sales of flavored e-cigarettes. For what you need to know click here.

The Case for

Minority Teachers   

in the Classroom

Nationwide, parents and policymakers are highlighting the importance of racial representation in the classroom. For some of the things to consider when it comes to having minority teachers in the classroom click here.

Teen Depression: 

What are the warning signs?

Student Athletes

are expected to maintain passing grades in all classes. Academic eligibility will be determined at the end of each quarter; fall sport eligibility is based upon the previous year’s quarter 4 report card.

Students who are identified as having an ‘F’ (IB grade of 1) in any course at the end of a quarter will be deemed academically ineligible for the following quarter.

Any student with more than two (2) ‘D’ grades (IB score of 2) at the end of a quarter will be deemed academically ineligible for the following quarter.  For more information read the 2018-19 SHS Athletic Handbook. 

The National Parent Teacher Association


(National PTA) is a non-profit organization based in Alexandria, Virginia. It is the largest and oldest volunteer organization working exclusively on behalf of youth.


The Parent-Teacher and Parent-Teacher-Student Association use the PTA and PTSA acronym. Local level PTA/PTSA units are established all over the United States, and are governed by a State level office.  All local and state level units are governed by the National PTA. 


For information on the reach of this organization visit Indiana PTA and National PTA.  Want to showcase your BLUE DEVIL NATION EXPERIENCE Send us a photo

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Shari Lynn HImes


Kristen Bright


Fran Valentine


MaryStar Ely


Chairperson:  Carrie Sample

Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

Chairperson:  Elizabeth Valencia

  Patricia Castaneda

  Latino Initiative 

  Vickie Hewlett

  Life Skills Initiative

Dad's Club

Chairperson: Jonathan Bernardi


Chairperson: Marilyn Langston


Chairperson: Patricia Castaneda 

Education Legislation & Advocacy

Chairperson: Catherine Nichols

PTA Reflections & Arts


Spring Fundraiser

Co-Chairperson: Shari Lynn Himes

Co-Chairperson: Kristen Bright


Dates subject to change

Jan 13 6:00 PM

General PTSA Meeting 

Slate 2020-2021 Officers

Mar 16  6:00 PM


2019-220 Officer Elections


April  18 

Spring Social Blue Jean Bowling Bash

May 11

General PTSA Meeting

May 25-31  

School Week Without Walls

June - New Officer PTA Certification Training (Date to Be announced.  Conducted by Indiana PTA) 

June 30

PTSA 2019-20 Fiscal Year End

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